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 YTONG is the world's largest manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks and the only company in Greece that produces Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks.

Our long-term policy of continuous innovation and the uncompromising application of future-orientated technologies are what help maintain YTONG's current position as a major supplier to the concrete industry of complete systems on a worldwide scale.
Our customers can choose from a full range of aerated concrete products under our high-profile YTONG brand. This modular building shell system comprises small and large aerated concrete elements which are perfectly coordinated from the cellar to the roof and are easy to use. Aerated concrete from YTONG offers the best possible solution for any application in terms of technology, economy and ecology.

Partner of planners, project developers, builders and investers, we offer solutions for large projects in industrial construction. All of this with the support and innovative strength of one of the world's leading companies in the building materials sector. With the expertise of the YTONG brand that has been aquired over the decades, aerated concrete blocks have established themselves and proved their worth in an international market for innovative and flexible building solutions. Functional buildings are a factor for success.

Those who build using YTONG aerated concrete rely on a great deal of quality and reliable building properties. For industrial, large-scale buildings in particular, such a distribution centres or production buildings, the combination of cost-effectiveness and safe construction pays off from the very beginning.YTONG block has unlimited constructional possibilities and good building physics properties. Above all, however, it is quick and efficient to build. In practice, this a decisive argument for contractors to use aerated concrete, as this property results in a high construction speed.


For house construction, commercial and industrial buildings

YTONG blocks are not only used to construct inner leaves of cavity walls and partitioning walls but also internal, external and fire walls in both load-bearing and non load-bearing designs. The building block therefore is known as being efficient for both house construction and for commercial and industrial buildings.


High construction speed

In addition to its versatility, the YTONG block is characterised by its ease of working and construction. The blocks can be sawn as if they were wood. This results in a relatively high construction speed which can deliver cost savings, particularly in high-volume projects. The construction advantages of the YTONG block are that it is light-weight, simple to lay, quick to assemble, simple to saw and file, (pipe) chases can easily be created and it has unlimited finishing possibilities.


Freedom of shape

In addition to the standard (rectangular) block, there is a range of shaped blocks. With their introduction, YTONG capitalizes on the trend of making more of a wall.YTONG curved blocks enjoy the freedom to give internal and external walls added aesthetic value. But the freedom of shape does not stop at walls. The many applications are as diverse as the imagination of the architect, designer or contractor.


Labour-friendly product

The material and product properties make this block suitable for both new-build projects and for renovation works. The light weight and the ease of construction especially play an important role in the field of renovation. Blocks remain well within the working conditions requirement that blocks must not be heavier than 18 kilograms. This means that the block is, primarily, a labour-friendly product.


Why choose YTONG?

Optimum fire resistance
YTONG's exceptional fire resistance comes from its reaction to flames. The physical properties of YTONG materials make it the ideal formula for protection against fire as it is non-flammable. Its reaction to fire is nil and it is completley incombustible. YTONG is a thermal insualtor, due to its unique cellular structure. YTONG does not release harmful gases in the event of fire.

Thermal insulation
YTONG is an autoclaved cellular concrete comprising of sand, water and air. Air filled cells form during the manufacturing process. This air, in fact, constitutes the best imaginable thermal insulation in this manufacturing context. As a result, YTONG obtains the characteristics of an insulating material.
YTONG is insulating itself, so it is unnecessary to provide additional insulation. No more problems generated by poor insulation installation, no more thermal bridges. Building with YTONG results in 100% effective, durable insulation.

Comfort in winter and summer
Due to its excellent insulation capacity and high thermal inertia, YTONG protects you against the cold in winter. Conversely, in summer YTONG prevents the entry of heat. In other words: warm in winter and cool in summer.

Sound Insulation
To meet current comfort requirements in buildings, full attention must be given to the sound insulation of all of their parts. By sound insulation, we generally mean “the neutralisation and reduction of undesirable noise due to good design and good execution of buildings”. Because of the sound absorption of Hebel products, the sound in a room reflects less off the walls, which reduces the reverberation (echo) in the space. The surface of an YTONG wall absorbs noise into its numerous partly open cells.

Lightweight construction material
Hebel is a lightweight construction material. The cellular structure is formed during the manufacturing process; as a result, the density of the product remains minimal. Taking this data into account, a lighter and thus more economical building load bearing structure can be designed.

Ecological and durable
High insulating power combined with the absence of thermal bridges means that Hebel slabs make a serious contribution to savings in energy consumption. Energy consumption during the manufacturing process is very low (hardening by autoclaving); the production of CO2 is thus very low, and, as a result, the environment is less polluted. Hebel is a light construction material the production or which requires few raw materials. Its elements are water, high quality chalk and finely ground sand. Portland cement is added to these products, which are abundant in nature. Hebel slabs are not delivered in packaging after production, resulting in less waste.


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