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YTONG block has been supplied in the Greek market since 1990.

The pioneering production plant was created in 1999 at Orestiada and 

it is the only factory producing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks in Greece.


Together with our partners, we are preparing well thought-out system design solutions that are in optimum compliance with actual regional requirements. From the manufacture up to the logistics, we are offering services of our technical staff, our sales offices and service departments in the form of competent contact persons being at full disposal of promotors and building owners, builders merchants, architects and construction companies.

We have managed to build strong relations with our customers and this is the reason why YTONG has sold more than m3 since the first production, which calculates to around 3.500.000 m2 of masonry has been built with YTONG blocks.

YTONG® is a registered trademark of the Xella group

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THRAKON is a sister company to YTONG and a company with a strong presence in the Greek construction market of dry mortars, with an intensive export activity. THRAKON's name came from two words THRAKIKA KONIAMATA which means Thrace Mortarts and was founded in 1996 with the installation of a modern plant at Orestiada. In 1997, THRAKON began the production and supply of dry mortars in the Greek market. The factory borders with the big markets of Bulgaria and Turkey, creating an optimistic prospect for a continuous growth.
As a member of the same Group of Companies and in collaboration with her sister company YTONG, they consist a powerful and dynamic team offering an innovative and integrated building system with sustainable properties and meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications.


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