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Technical Support

 If you need us, we are there for you.

Comprehensive service from planning to application will be given to you by our Technical Department.






We give particular attention to personal contact and individual advice, totally adapted to each construction project. In our package of free services, we always select the elements that are of interest to suit your needs. This service package includes, among others:

  • an individual approach
  • staff monitoring of your project by our Technical Department Supervisor
  • detailed information on products
  • technical assistance
  • demonstrations on site and company visits
  • proposals and solutions based on the detailed project
  • a study of your plans
  • Intensive contacts with architects, contractors, manufacturers, ...



If you have questions regarding the application of YTONG products in the design or implementation of your projects, do not hesitate to call :

- our free Infoline: 800 100 1414 or

- our Technical Department on 0030 210 3635 515

for booking an appointment with one of our engineers or technicians.




Reliable on-site delivery

YTONG products are delivered on time, fast and reliable - directly to your site through mainly our distributors network. A person from our Sales team or from the Technical Department will be there in order to give you the guidelines for the proper way of working with YTONG Blocks.

Comprehensive on-site service

On-site, YTONG is there for you. YTONG is present to give you helpful construction tips on how to build properly YTONG Blocks - so that everything goes like clockwork.

Individual Deals

YTONG products are available in more than 500 highly qualified building materials distributors throughout Greece and Cyprus. You can always contact us in order to let you know about the dealer that is closer to your site.

Our Technical Department is always there for you

The Technical Department of YTONG will support you both at the stage of project planning and during the execution of the project. We are here to advise you on possible adaptation needs to the system, in order to ensure proper performance and structural stability.


Our specialist staff will be present at the beggining of the application, for as much time needed, making sure about the correct application of the system as well as training the application teams. Following that we can visit the project during the execution of the different stages and make a final visit to check proper execution.


On top of that we organise seminars with cooperation with our local distributrors. These seminars have different subjects and formations accordingly with the participants:

  • Training Seminars for application teams
  • Technical Seminars for Engineers and Technical Offfices
  • Promotional Seminars for Private Owners

These seminars can be staged in the distributors' area, in a Conference Hall or even on-site, everyone can attend them in order to broaden their knowledge about the YTONG-THRAKON building system. Following the completion of the seminar, attendees will receive the YTONG Seminar Certificate.

Feel free to fill in the application form for taking part in one of the next seminars. We would be more than happy to help you learn the proper way of building with YTONG Blocks. Furthermore, we give particular attention at after sales support, since our saying is that:  It is much easier to prevent a possible problem than cure it .


YTONG is available on-site. Whether it comes to questions of detail with regard to the application, technical specifications or construction details of planning: expert advice and information will be given in order to accomplish the project with success. All you have to do is to contact either our free Technical Support Line (800-100-14-14), send us an e-mail, or call our offices Headquarter and of course YTONG official dealers.


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