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YTONG-THRAKON Building System


The perfect combination


Our companies (YTONG and THRAKON) offer to the customer a new building system. With this system you create a Low Energy House, with high efficiency solutions. The YTONG-THRAKON building system is consisted from a set of compatible materials, for the construction of the building. The basic components of this system are: YTONG masonry, plasters, adhesives for the blocks and the tiles and other assisting products.


With YTONG Blocks you avoid thermal bridges. YTONG walls offer the advantage of minimising thermal bridges through the 'monolithic warmth-insulating' properties of this supportive construction material. At the same time, high compressive forces are tolerated since aerated concrete is glued. In combination with extra insulation techniques, the λ-value achieved with these intrinsically insulating, supportive blocks is considerably better in comparison with traditional masonry. What's more, since the number of thermal bridges is minimised, building heating requirements are greatly reduced.


Using mortars and adhesives from THRAKON you are sure about the quality of the products. All of our products are designed, produced and inspected via the latest and most up-to-date techniques. The specifications of the products are accordingly with the European Standards (EN). Most of our products are produced from quartz sand, an innexaustible raw material which gives high strength and resistance to friction to the products. It is a chemically inactive raw material which is not influenced from pollution (unlike marble plasters which during time turn into gypsum or get a light yellow colour). Quartz sand is a natural material and does not decay with time. Furthermore, using THRAKON's mortars you achieve high workability with minimum losses of material, maximising with this way your profit and finishing earlier as planned.




The advantages of using the YTONG-THRAKON building system are innumerous:

  • Economy: Resulting from the avoidance of wasting of big quantities of different and sometimes useless materials.
  • Productivity: The application of the system is made with mechanical means, increasing with this way the productivity of the application teams and therefore decreasing labour.
  • Supply: the user of the YTONG-THRAKON building system has not need of addressing at different suppliers-distributors, wasting with this way his precious time.
  • Perfect Construction: The YTONG-THRAKON building system is a guaranteed solution with tested results.
  • Healty Living Conditions: by using our building system you ensure the healthy living conditions within the building since all the products provide the masonry breathing, thermal insulation, sound and water insulation.
  • Environment: all the products of our building system protect the environment. All the products are packed and transported easily.
  • Technical Support: the user of the YTONG-THRAKON building system has the technical support of our company and the training needed in order to apply our products properly and assimilate the current knowledge.

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