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Sophisticated tools YTONG facilitate the raising of the load-bearing interior walls.

YTONG Tools help you accelerate and improve works with YTONG Blocks.



YTONG Cellular Concrete Band Saw (LISSMAC MBS-502)

The MBS 502 is the bestselling autoclaved aerated concrete band saw for aircrete concrete in the world.

The cellular concrete band saw is exclusively intended for cutting YTONG Blocks, making your work quick and very accurate.


Technical data for MBS 502-2:

Cutting height

400 mm

Cutting length

700 mm

Motor capacity

0.75 kW / 230 V AC

Current consumption

5.6 A

Total weight

171 kg

Saw table width

710 mm

Saw table length

960 mm

Saw roller diameter

500 mm

Daylight stanchion / saw band

490 mm

Dimension l/w/h

750/1000/1700 mm


YTONG Alligator Saw (DeWALT DW932)

The DW932 is ideal for cuttingYTONG Blocks easy and efficiently.

  • Ideal for cutting YTONG Blocks
  • Steady speed for optimum cutting capacity
  • Shell mechanism made of magnesium for lower weight and greater strength
  • Security switch which prevents sudden starts tool

Technical data for DW932:

Power Input

1350 Watts


700 Watt

No Load Speed

3300 spm


38 mm

Cutting Length

425 mm

Automatic Blade Brake Time

3 s


4.3 kg


490 mm


210 mm


YTONG Hand Saw with Cutting Tips (34 Tips – 800mm length)

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (A.A.C.) saw with carbide teeth is characterised by its high abrasion resistance.


YTONG Drill Bit for the box switches x 85 mm

YTONG Drill Bit. Ideal for flush and distribution boxes, sockets and switches diameter of 85 mm drill.


YTONG Twist Drill

For all water and gas pipings, 300mm in length, 50 mm diameter.



YTONGScraper Grooves

With YTONG Scraper electrical wiring channels can be easily installed in YTONG walls of the material YTONG all the necessary grooves.


YTONG Trowel (Exact Spoon)

YTONG Trowel is produced for the following thicknesses: 5, 7,5, 10, 12,5, 15, 17,5, 20, 22,5, 25, 27,5, 30 cm. Quick and accurate masonry building with an YTONG Trowel enabling low consumption of YTONG Adhesive.


YTONG Stirrer


YTONG Stirrer is used for preparing YTONG Adhesive. It may be put on to all the usual drilling machines.


YTONG Abrasive Plane

YTONG Abrasive Plane is designed to compensate the surface of YTONG walls.
It is recommended especially when working with class PP2.


YTONG – Saw Angle


Provides for the cutting of accurate YTONG rectangular blocks and equal cutting.


YTONG - Rubber Hammer


For the careful alignment of YTONG Blocks.


YTONG - Plane

It is designed to compensate the surface of YTONG walls.
It is recommended especially when working with class PP4.


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