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Efficiency is not only the comparison "How much does does it cost per square or cubic metres of building?"

There are usually several factors that work together and only the sum is the economy.





As a simple example we can mention the thermal protection given. A product with excellent heat values is more expensive than a product which is not as good material. As already mentioned, there is a big number of factors to be taken into account, which depending on the viewer, have a different meaning. Thus, because of the good thermal insulation possibly a thin outer wall can be constructed. This benefit is especially important for developers, investors or planners interesting, because the living space profit is the decisive advantage. The building contractor is the light, fast and efficient supply and processing of building material is a crucial factor. What wall and ceiling system is the most economical solution for your case is an object that has to be clarified. It does not take into account factors arising from the potential time savings result - for example by quickly realized line slots.




Transportation Cost


With constantly raising energy and fuel prices, the transport sector is increasingly important. With YTONG Block, a building material, which is has a light weight, transportation costs can be dramatically reduced.

At a truck with 25 tonnes of payload, around 40 cubic metres aerated concrete can be loaded. Another building materials with a density of about 0.8 kN / m3 is twice as heavy as aerated concrete - it can have only 20 cubic metres loaded.

This means that aerated concrete ensures optimum use of space freight, transport costs are dramatically reduced.


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