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YTONG relies on above average qualified, motivated and committed employees.


By using corporate values and achievements on a daily national and international basis, we enhance the development of our business.

You are the key to our success. Productive education and further training is therefore of great importance to us. As a partner to our employees, we encourage good performance and consequently achieve long-term perspectives for them and the company.


Working at YTONG offers everyone the opportunity to develop personally and professionally in a modern, motivating and pleasant working environment. Equal opportunities - regardless of gender, race or age - are our utmost directive.

Ecological Reflections, innovative research, training for our employees, optimal service to our partners (contractors, owners, consultants, distributors) are the foundations of our success.



Collaboration with each other
Partnership is important to us - in business and with our clients, suppliers and company. We build on this to protect and trust our partners. We are continually working on this, as our reputation is imperative. We attach great significance to integration, as it is of great value to our company and employees. Equality, trust, respect, honesty and reliability create our company.

Successful personal management ensures that the right person fits the right job at the right time. As an ever-growing company, our challenge is to fulfil an increasing amount of positions with qualified and suitable candidates.

  1. Target orientation "Pursue clear targets with determination”
  2. Corporate vision "Understand tomorrows challenges today”
  3. Communication and managing conflict "Integrate people with openness, convince them with facts”
  4. Leadership "Shaping change through leadership and conveying trust"
  5. Focusing on people and culture "Uniting different people and cultures within an international company”
  6. Professionalism "Transform know-how into efficient solutions"


These six key qualifications aid us in our selection process. They reflect our company culture, values and norms and should be adhered to in order to achieve the YTONG candidate mission statement. They also define our business behaviour and attitude.



Feel free to send us your CV at any time.
We keep all mails at our records and go back every time a vacancy rises, without always announcing such vacancies. As a result, if you are interested in working for YTONG, apply now!

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