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The Advantages of YTONG Block

YTONG has been successfully developed and implemented a building system for more than 80 years, been used in residential and commercial applications.


The short- and long-term benefits of these systems are realized by owners, developers, designers and contractors. The benefits are achieved by the various material properties and methods that are associated with the established approach to construction.


For the Owner
One of the main benefits of YTONG is safety. An owner using YTONG Blocks creates a sound, functional and safe building. Another benefit of the YTONG Building System is versatility. YTONG can provide many architectural features that will enhance and project a unique architectural image for the building and its owner. YTONG construction is insect and termite proof. Therefore, the need for expensive insect and pest treatment as well as long term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the superior thermal properties associated with all of the YTONG products will translate into increased energy savings.


For the Developer
The cost savings realized when using YTONG products, mainly related to the shorter construction time, will be dramatic. The advantages of YTONG include low maintenance costs, good sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation. It easily meets energy codes.


For the Designer
Creative designs cannot be realized without the use of a highly adaptable construction material. YTONG can be adapted to suit most architectural designs while still providing a simple construction system that can meet all load requirements.


For the Contractor
Buildings can be constructed quickly and safely using YTONG building systems. The product itself is lightweight; therefore easily handled. YTONG's workability (e.g. anchoring, routing, and drilling characteristics) is well developed and can be easily performed. YTONG material also produces less waste. By using the right combination of YTONG products, productivity will be increased. YTONG will reduce the amount of time spent on job sites due to its ease of handling.



All these factors relate to cost, time and labor savings for the project.




In general, there is no end of advantages when it comes to choosing YTONG's products. We build excellence into everything we make, so that it's as good as it possibly can be.


Just look at the 48 product advantages and you will find there is every reason to select them:

  1. Build quality
  2. Made to accurate dimensions
  3. CE marked, meeting the latest European Standards
  4. Employs the latest technology
  5. Excellent thermal insulation
  6. Reduces or eliminates the need for additional insulation
  7. Helps to create a comfortable living environment
  8. Provides even temperature range in winter or summer
  9. Distributes moisture throughout the building
  10. Excellent sound insulation
  11. Fire resistant
  12. Class [A1] surface spread of flame
  13. Fast to build with
  14. Great productivity benefits from YTONG products
  15. YTONG Panels are quick to lay
  16. Versatile
  17. Accepts a wide range of finishes
  18. Multi-purpose - use to build the entire dwelling
  19. Adaptable for use in innovative designs
  20. Easy to alter during or after the build process
  21. User-friendly
  22. Easy to fix to
  23. Can hold heavy fixings or loadings
  24. Easy to work using simple hand tools
  25. Maintenance-free
  26. Easy to achieve airtight construction
  27. Shrink-wrapped for protection and cleanliness
  28. Delivered on pallets for easy movement and storage
  29. Lightweight
  30. Easy to transport
  31. Less than half the weight of the equivalent aggregate block
  32. Reduces the building load in high rise construction
  33. Enables wider spans in beam and block floors
  34. Strong
  35. Load-bearing
  36. Robust and Durable
  37. Low wear and tear
  38. Water-resistant
  39. Frost-resistant
  40. Does not rot or decay
  41. Excellent impact (ballistic) resistance
  42. Environmentally friendly
  43. Easy to cut, reducing on-site waste
  44. Recyclable as aggregates
  45. Low embodied energy
  46. Lightweight means more can be delivered at once, reducing journeys
  47. Improves EcoHomes ratings
  48. Most production waste material is recycled back into the manufacturing process

On the next pages you can see our principal advantages explained in more details.


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