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Simple in processing and fast in construction


YTONG is workable like wood. This results quick and efficient construction.



In terms of construction materials processing, YTONG blocks are built much faster than any other construction material of the same or smaller size. No other massive building can be faster and easier process. Here, it should be noted that a personnel change in the working group also causes a change in the processing times.

The processing times can be used as costing help to identify and target values as a tool for planning and controlling Time Management of the project, for example, to determine the expiry period.


A good job preparation means an economic and professional processing of products.



YTONG blocks need to be treated carefully in the transport, storage, processing and assembly. With this way repairing works will be avoided. An economic and professional processing of YTONG blocks sets a good job of preparation. Weather conditions are important for the best possible results.

The unloading area should be as close as possible to the working area. Hoist (crane) with sufficient lifting capacity should be used in order to unload the pallets, while electricity and water must be provided.

Application teams which are not familiar with the use of YTONG blocks are more than welcome to attend one of our technical seminars. Either one of our sales locations or through our experienced Technical Department will come on-site in order to train you in the best possible way.



Interior Design
YTONG Blocks in smaller thicknesses are ideal for indoor extension for partition walls, showers, room dividers and shelves, individual figures fireplace conversions and …… your imagination is close to no limits.



Individually, creative and economically
From the shower to office desk, the wall rack to the "hand" stove: Somebody with creative ideas in the living area will realize that YTONG Blocks are the best advice. Because of its pores is fast and easy to edit and can be individually formed. It reflects independence, ambition and life style of people who are residents.





Furthermore, the production of round arches works with YTONG particularly elegant and simple.




The simple and rapid processing of YTONG has given creative ideas to many people. Have you already accomplished your creative work with YTONG Blocks that you necessarily want to show us? If yes, then you must read the following!


 Join us and show us your projects from YTONG
Anyone that has worked with the interior design already knows YTONG. It is easy to handle, easy to glue and holds simultaneously with proper processing high loads. These advantages of flexible working have made a lot of people with creative ideas working with YTONG Blocks. Ideas from which others may not even have dared to dream. Are you one of these YTONG artists? Have you raised original walls or a measure furniture and sculptures created that you necessarily want to show us?



Send us pictures of your works!

If you want to send us your creations we would be more than happy to accept your letter. Please put your photos of your creative YTONG projects in an envelope and send it to: YTONG, 130 Syggrou Avenue, 7th Floor, 17671, Athens, Greece.

Please put the indication “Creative Competition”.

Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail with your pictures: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
With subject: I am creative with YTONG Blocks.


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