Thrakon YTONG

Porobeton uses the most natural materials, not only in the production, transportation and recycling, but owing to its utility properties throughout its use.



Ecological Material

  • - virtually unlimited resources of raw materials
  • - low-energy and CO2-neutral production
  • - painless recycling and bailment
  • - 1 m3 of raw material produces 5 m3 YTONG – Product





Protecting the environment

There are daily attacks from human activities to the natural balance of the environment. The consequences are increasingly visible, as this complicated and very sensitive system which is increasingly disrupted. For the construction industry specifically there is the need to reduce the burden on the environment in the construction and use of the building at the lowest possible level.


This process begins with the raw material for building materials, continued in their manufacture and installation of construction and ending the use of the building.


YTONG deals with environmental issues. The result is sophisticated building systems, which in all phases protect our environment, having specific measures to reduce its burden.


YTONG save our environment

Already the decision for a building material has a wide impact on the eco-region. It begins by mining its own raw materials and ends by recycling of the Building. YTONG material is produced from natural raw materials which constitute 81% of the earth's crust and is practically inexhaustible. Its main components are sand and limestone. Savings continue even during transport, since this massive product is relatively light. Furthermore, the material is easily recyclable.


Complete construction system offers more

Whether considering a family house or a multiple-building, YTONG to complete construction of the expertise and sophisticated concepts, such as energy-saving house, and thus provides a number of ways to build in accordance with nature.


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