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The one who builds today, should build in accordance with the nature.




Production - Raw materials from nature

The main raw materials of aerated concrete, sand, lime, cement and water - completely natural raw materials. They represent a large part of the earth's crust and are virtually inexhaustible. We build them gently - the balance of nature is in no way affected.


YTONG production



How is aerated concrete produced?

The granulated sand is mixed with extra lime, cement, water and aluminum powder. The aluminum acts as a propellant: As hydrogen gas inflates the aerated concrete mass with small, evenly distributed bubbles. After the feature, the semi-raw block is precisely tailored and water vapor hardened at 200oC.

After drying in the pores is only thermal air. In the production does not fall air, water or incriminating pollutants. The hardening with water vapor saves aerated concrete in the energy production significantly.







Savings of raw material consumption

Although the raw materials we use are unlimited, we are paying particular attention at not sparing them. In order to explain better the amounts of raw materials used with comparison to the final product, we inform you that from 1 m3 of raw materials we get approximately 5m3 of aerated concrete.




Energy-saving production


AAC is produced in a closed circuit, with much less energy spent when compared with other building materials. YTONG can be reused in crushed form for applications such as road fill, insulation material and material for lightweight aggregate concrete. YTONG does not at present prepare any separate environmental reports, as the environmental impact of its production is limited. However, YTONG is committed to actively tackling the environmental issues related to every plant�s operations, including ways of avoiding, containing or remedying any adverse environmental impacts.








The nature of the building should not be damaged



The gentle nature is the responsibility of each client and all others who are involved in construction. The more you know about the building materials, the sooner you can build and live in harmony with nature. The decision for a particular building material has far-reaching influence on the ecological cycle. It starts from the raw material extraction and ends at recycling or landfilling. With YTONG Blocks you can be sure that this cycle is as environmentally friendly as possible. There are great biological benefits when you live in a house from this building material - from the high heat insulation to the space pleasant climate.


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